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You have to keep in mind that your diet is your health. Eating healthy would not mean eating much, but eating clean. but healthy food is confused nowadays, it would be stressed here that the old misleading theory of associating diet to calories and proteins more than any other food component should be rejected. Proteins were also wrongly associated with meats and meat products. There was a big mistake, and proteins are found also in vegetable materials, such as cereals leguminous dried and fresh fruits and legumes, and many other materials such as marine algae.

The 10 principles of the healthy diet

1- Eating healthy is eating a balanced diet containing more vegetable products than animal ones. Vegetables are free of cholesterol, are source of most vitamins and minerals and are the source of body protectors against free radicals aggression and metabolic compounds. Dietary soluble fibres are a gut fuel and can help regulating a lot of physiological reactions. Vitamins are the metabolic regulators and the catalysing power for most reactions. Minerals are also physiological regulators and fluid balance keeping in the body. Antioxidant compounds are found in vegetables and only in vegetables and hive products. These compounds are the hormonal monitoring and the body defending system. Many diseases can be due to the antioxidant deficiency in the body.

In most western countries the daily consumed amount of dietary fibre had decreased during the last decades, and this was fatal for health of most people in these countries. Meats which are now considered as a staple food would be involved secondarily in human diet, meat would be allowed one time a week but not every day. A good quality meat is required such as sea products, natural poultry (beldi), camel meat and pastured animals.

2- Eating healthy is eating natural cold extracted oils. Only olive oil is natural and can be eaten safely. Olive oil can be eaten as raw or used in humid cooking. People are used to cooking by roasting or frying, this is the worst way to cook food. Water/oil cooking procedure is the safer, and meats should be cooked with legumes, as it was the most used method in Arab countries. Olive oil is supposed to be cold pressed, unfiltered and look cloudy. Olive oil should not be bottled in transparent glass or plastic bottles. Avoid hydrogenated oils and refined solvent extracted oils.

3- Eating healthy is avoiding all processed foods. These may contain toxic chemical compounds such as additives including chemical colorants, texturing, flavouring, sweetening, thickening, salting, preserving, antioxidants, MSG (monosodium glutamate), aspartame, hydrogenated oils, antifungal, polishing, carbonating, acidifying, propellants, jellifying, packaging, light exposure etc.. Only home prepared foods are accepted in our concept. Use safe cooking wares such as clay made wares (non polished or painted clay) copper made wares and inox made cooking wares. Packaged, canned and plastic wrapped foods are not safe.

4- Eating healthy is eating pesticide free foods. Look for non pesticide treated vegetables and fruits. Dried fruits are also subject to sulphide treatment to avoid mould contamination during storage. By the way check if the vegetables are not irrigated with waste water, even treated. And check also if crops are grown in its right season and not in green houses. Green houses crops are not seasonal and may have different chemical profiles from naturally grown crops.

5- Eating healthy is eating meats from non hormone/antibiotics treated animals. It should be also checked if the animal was not given GMO feeds. Pastured non hormone injected animals meat is preferred to fast grown and developed animals. Eggs and milk are also animal products which can undergo the same way of production. Most of the milk cows are injected with hormones rBGH (recombinant growth hormone) and rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin). Milk may induce some allergies in children and may also encourage cancer development in some organs such prostate and breast.

6- Eating healthy is avoiding GMO foods. You might be wise and aware about these products, and pay attention to imported foods in your country. Choose local foods you can see and you can taste. Be aware about aggressive advertising on TV and on boards built every where through your town, do not be so excited by the attracting smashing pictures of food products. It looks nice only on the picture but terrible when eaten.

7- Eating healthy is drinking chemically safe water. It should be emphasized here that safe water is a misleading terminology, according to the WHO, safe water is any treated or non treated water which must be free of hazardous micro-organisms. But we do not agree with this old fashioned non scientific definition. Safe water for us is any water from natural surface or ground water which is free NATURALLY from any chemical hormonal or biological hazard (not by treatment). This may reject the process adopted by the WHO and which is based on the chlorine or ozone treatment of water. Chlorine and ozone may kill the living materials (micro-organisms) but they cannot remove the chemical danger. Also the conventional process for water treatment is not sufficient for removing the hormones and other soluble compounds. For people who cannot have natural safe water in their area, the tap water must be boiled to 100°C for 10 minutes, and this is just to drive free chlorine away. Some other chemical compounds cannot be removed by boiling. DO NOT drink water when eating.

8- Eating healthy is not eating too much, not eating fast and not eating at any time. You may know that the shape of your stomach is a laying Latin letter J in the body. The stomach is normally secured against any aggression by over eating, so the upper side is larger than the bottom side, and the area called the greater curvature is the most sensitive to cancer. The stomach should not be filled entirely so it cannot move when digesting foods. One part at least should remind empty for the agitation of food while digesting, the fundus should stay free.

9- Eating healthy including seeds, grains and dried fruits. Besides cereals and leguminous, your diet may include seeds which are flax seeds cress seeds fenugreek, black cumin and sesame seeds as well as some other grains such as millet oat lupin and coriander. These food components are very important for the body protection and they also boost the apoptosis phenomenon.

The western countries do not really include dried fruits such as dates, walnuts and figs, almond and pistachio are very important component but they should be non GM. Dates can be fed to babies from 1 month.

10- Eating healthy is fasting two days a week. It is not easy to control eating and when you feel hungry you think instinctually to food. And the more you feel hungry the more you need to eat. In some cases people get more nervous than drug-addiction teenagers. Fasting may cut off the extra calories you may have taken more than the normal need of your body. The reuse of the calories your body received in excess cannot be done when you still continue to supply the body with calories so the excess will be stored as fat around your body and around some organs and overweight can start.


Vegetables legumes herbs and fruits

Grains including cereals and leguminous (avoid soya) as well as millet and lupin

Dried fruits

Olive oil

Seeds (black cumin, flax seeds, cress seeds, fenugrek seeds, sesame seeds)

Medicinal plants



The right way to live healthy is to eat healthy, and eating healthy is following an antioxidant rich diet. Antioxidants are the most required compounds for the body to saty healhty.

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