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Five things to know before getting married to a Moroccan Girl

In general, Arab girls are known for their beautiful eyes, long black hair and brown skin. Moroccan girls are black, white and so forth. This is due to the geographic site of Morocco, which is a cross-cultures and cross-civilizations point. Moroccan girls are attractive, smart and silver-tongued. Women from all over the world are jealous of them and men wish to win their hearts.

Police investigators cannot reach their ninth sense

You should be ready to answer the WH questions: where have you been? Whom have you been with? What have you done? Why? When? Be honest, because she already knows the answer and do not ask me how. Do not be silent, unlike police investigations, your silence can be taken against you.

She is a good servant and a perfect queen

Anytime, you enter a Moroccan house, you will find it clean and you will smell very nice odors. She can work outside and have no time, but her house is always clean as there are three servants working in it. When you see her brilliance in traditional Moroccan clothes, you feel that she is a queen who does nothing but gives orders.

She was born to be a great Chef

Be whoever you want; billionaire or poor, you will eat delicious dishes. She can make from three vegetables nice dishes, she can mix sour, sweet and salt tastes to create delicacies. In holidays and feasts, the quality and the quantity of cakes and sweets that she will make cannot be imagined.

Manhood is a one of her attributes

If you do not have insurance, she is your insurance for life. In case of illness or disability, she works to buy everything needed. She sells her gold and jewels, which are considered to be like her eyes, to cover your financial crisis. She can have one basic meal a day during hard days.

She is the world

She is a mother when she cares, a father when she protects, a brother when she fights, and a sister when she helps. She is a bank when you need for money, a hospital when you are sick, and a guide when you are lost. You do not need friends, but you will resort to her when they let you down.

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